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Glycerin Fatty Acid Ester

Glycerin ester of fatty acids is not only the ester but also derivative of fatty acid and glycerin. Glycerin esters of fatty acids include glycerin esters of acetic acid, glycerin esters of lactic acid, glycerin esters of succinic acid, glycerin esters of citric acid, polyglycerin esters of fatty acids and condensed polyglycerin ricinoleic acid. Mono-glyceride is the most representative meaning of glycerin esters of fatty acids. The forms and properties of glycerin esters of fatty acids vary from carbon and saturation of fatty acids in the glycerin esters of fatty acids. As a lipophilic surfactant, HLB is 3.8 to 6.5, depending on the product.

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Glycerol Monolaurate, Monolaurin, GML

GML is a monoglycerol ester made from the natural Lauric Acid (C12:0) of coconut milk and breast milk. The biggest advantage of GML is that it acts more than just a preservative. Assuming that the pH of a typical product is within the 4-8 range, it shows strong effect on common bacteria, fungi, and yeast that can occur in food or feed without changing the anti-bacterial effect due to changes in the pH value. When used as an auxiliary feed, the feed requirements (FCR) are improved to maximize the productivity of livestock.

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Sorbitan Fatty Acid Ester

Sorbitan fatty acid ester is an ester of sorbitan, the dehydration of sorbitol, and fatty acids. The properties and uses of sorbitan fatty acid ester vary from types and numbers of fatty acids and esterifications.

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Glycerin Organic Fatty Acid Ester

Organic fatty acid ester is a combination of mono-glyceride and organic acid (citric acid, succinic acid, acetic acid). The types and uses of organic fatty acid ester vary from combined fatty acids.

  • · Acetic Acid Mono Copper
    · Citric Acid Mono Copper
    · Succinic Acid Mono Copper
    · Lactic Acid Mono Copper
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Polysorbate is the product combined with the sorbitan fatty acid ester and 20 moles of ethylene oxide. Polysorbate is the highly hydrophilic emulsifier, so when it encounters water, polysorbate becomes transparent.

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Sucrose Fatty Acid Ester

Sucrose fatty acid ester is the esters of sugars and fatty acids. It is slightly soluble in water, dissolved in ethanol, methanol, acetone, and benzene, and becomes gel emulsion in cold water. The sugar of sucrose fatty acid ester has the 8 hydroxyl groups that can change esterifications. Using this property, it can create many types of materials and has wide HLB, HLB 1~16.

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Liquid Calcium Carbonate

Liquid calcium carbonate is a product dispersed calcium carbonate after making nano. It is a high content calcium formulation for food additives and, safe when it is left alone for a long time. Liquid calcium carbonate is used for the calcium-fortified milk products such as milk, yogurt, cheese and food such as soy milk, processed food and juice. It also can be used as the PH control.

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Mixed Emulsification Formulation

· ESTER-400
Mixed emulsification formulation is emulsified foaming agent for sponge cake. It increases the capacity of the cake by making bubbles and provides improvement of workability and anti-aging of wheat flour by reducing the combination mixing time of oil and wheat.
· ESTER-600, Taste S-U
It is a quality improver for noodles and dumpling shells. It prevents tangling of the product, and provides the improvement of food texture and anti-aging effect by softening the surface of products through uniformly dispersion of oil.
· Taste U-I
It is a quality improver for noodles and dumpling shells. The Taste UI has the same function with The Taste SU, but it deducts an emulsifier as possible, and uses only natural ingredients.
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Et Cetera

  • · Calcium carbonate
  • · Antioxidant
  • · Triacetin
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