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happiness and health by using innovative technology


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since 1997

ILSHINWELLS is being on our way to a bright future based
on the forty years of history.

Together & Forever

ILSHINWELLS will grow up with customer as a specialized company
for food material.

Inovation & Development

ILSHINWELLS will contribute to industrial development by
creating excellent eco-friendly products.


You can get information about
your inquiries by telephone. Working Hours : 9 am ~ 6 pm

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02) 333-8395, 02) 333-5511

A suggestion for better life! We will help using Ilshin well’s technology

Together & Forever We enrich the lives of human beings; do our best for the society and apply our innovative echnology for the future. We only deal with the best product and service.
  • De-Oil Prevents accumulation of human body fat in our blood. Made only from using refined vegetable oil.
  • IBOB Helps with absorption of calcium, magnesium etc including minerals. Also helps with digestion of fat.
  • HIPUFA-C High content of Omega-3. World class technology of concentrations.
  • PGPR High quality water-oil based emulsifier. Reduces blooming effect of chocolate surface and also reduce cacao butter in coating process
  • Vitamin-E Reducing level of cholesterol, increase sexual functions and cures infertility and strong antioxidant
  • ECOCIZER Applied in food, world class invention of plasticizer that is harmless to human beings
  • CLA Reducing fat and improving level of immunity. It helps maintaining good health and brings plentiful energy into our lives
  • Feed Improves level and quality of nutrition and prevents product from spoiling. Invention of technology to substitute antibiotics.